About Ian Gee

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Ian has worked in Organisation Development (OD) for the past 30 years.  He started his career working for UK public services before moving to the ‘Office for Public Management’, a boutique consultancy based in London.  Here the focus of his work, both in the UK and overseas, was on OD to support public sector and not-for-profit organisations in achieving and maximising the social results of their work.

In 1996, Ian joined Shell Internationals global OD team.  Whilst with Shell he led a number of global change projects with a focus on systemic change as well as organization effectiveness.  His work included, reorganising professional services and developing comprehensive change strategies, plans and interventions for Shell businesses around the world.

In May 2006 Ian moved to Nokia Corp and in 2007 became Director of OD for Nokia and led a team of consultants delivering services across the Nokia businesses around the world.  Ian’s work for Nokia has included designing and leading the renewal of the Nokia Way, developing and implementing Nokia’s approach to Enterprise 2.0. Web 2.0. and the Net Gen.  Ian has also led work on the Integration of M&A’s in Nokia ensuring on-going employee engagement and making sure that there was an appropriate cultural fit in order to maximise the value of the acquisition in the most human way.  Prior to leaving Nokia Ian co led a year long study into what constitutes best practice for change and OD in the emerging markets.

In 2010 Ian decided to set up on his own and is now running Edgelands Consultancy offering OD consultancy services to both the Private and Public/NGO sectors. Ian is also a Director of Albany OD http://albanyod.co.uk

Ian is regularly asked to speak at national and international conferences on issues to do with change and OD.  His most recent speaking engagements have been about how the nature of change is changing,  how we need to rethink change and OD for the emerging markets and the relationship between HR and Entrepreneurs.

Ian is known for the innovation, creativity and humour he brings to his work supported by a deep commitment to implementation, with the focus on the achievement of outcomes.


Interview with IDS Magazine


More on Ian here:  http://edgelandsconsultancy.com/

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